Natural gel for brushing teeth - Yamelin 300

New Natural gel for brushing teeth - Yamelin 300

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Yemalin is a natural gel based on the Dead Sea water and spring water and is designed for daily brushing, prevention of problems and the benefit of periodontal condition. A natural gel produced from minerals of the Dead Sea, with a unique viscosity that allows active substances to penetrate the desired places. A gel that blends with saliva and creates optimal balance in the oral cavity. A completely natural product - does not contain any foreign substance. Contains natural fluorine only - existing in the water from which it was prepared.

  • Without disinfectants
  • Without flavoring
  • Without any sanding and mortar substance
  • No SLS
  • Without artificial fluorine
  • Without absorbents

A completely natural product - contains no foreign substance, no disinfectants that can destroy the beneficial bacteria population along with the harmful bacteria.

Contains no flavoring ingredients, leaves an artificial feeling of freshness, destroys toxic elements, provides a personal freshness for mouth breath and eliminates bad breath. Contains no absorption agents or cleaning agents, which may weaken the lining of the gums and balance blood flow in the capillaries.

The high magnesium content reduces tissue allergic reactions and provides biological protection. This is the only product for hygiene of teeth and gums that acts directly on plaque.

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